Bringing Rowing to the Forefront of CrossFit | Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing: Post Podcast Thoughts

Leading up to the episode – I was extremely nervous. I’ve been wanting to ask Shane onto the podcast for a long time. But, have always either forgotten or pushed it aside. So, being at over 100 episodes – I thought it was about time to ask.


The show went great if you haven’t listened to it yet. I highly recommend you do. We touched on a lot of training misconceptions around rowing and how to build your technique.


After the show was done, I left with just an absolute appreciation for what Shane does. Not only teaching athletes how to row. But, teaching the coaches on how to teach proper rowing techniques to their clients not only in CrossFit gyms. But, in big commercial gyms as well.

The underlining thing I took away from the show was – understanding what you don’t know. Most people really hate or dislike rowing as a cardio/strength building tool. However, I really love it and that’s a testament to Meghan (Former Olympic Level rower, World Champion) who made me really understand the value behind the erg as a strength and conditioning tool. Which in return – made me better at using the erg and Shane is wanting to provide that knowledge as best as he can via his company in Dark Horse Rowing.

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Know more about Shane – Follow him on his Instagram, Watch his pro tip vids on YouTube or visit his website Dark Horse Rowing.

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