Training vs Working Out | #110 – Tex & Luke of Power Athlete HQ: Post Podcast Thoughts

I was very excited for this show. I asked Tex almost 3 years ago to have him and Bobby (another PAHQ guy) on the show. Time and Place didn’t sync up so this time around I’m super grateful that I had them on.

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These guys just have a wealth of knowledge that they can just bring up at the drop of a hat. As for me – I’m very uneducated when it comes to strength and conditioning and I think if you listen to the show you can tell in the questions I ask and the answers I give.

But, overall there is such great information throughout this show. Luke shows his goofy side and Tex shows how analytical in how he thinks and even speaks, which was great to watch the dynamic these 2 have.

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I hope to get them back on the show in the near future as this could have gone on for another hour or 2. But, I had another podcast to do that I was late for and had to almost wrap it up quickly. Now that they live in Austin, TX I’m sure they’ll be around again soon.

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