Put Your Ego Aside. Don’t Be Afraid To Learn |Post Podcast Thoughts


I was very excited for this podcast – I’ve been a big fan of Esik’s work and how he is able to apply the steel mace and Indian clubs in a modern way to today’s fitness culture.

On the show – I did have the main point I wanted to ask him and that was how he felt in today’s society of fitness and how most avid gym goers want results now, and at that point we made a segway into the topic of the ego and how your it can be the single thing that separates you from the actual process itself.

It also, made me realize that we have been raised (in terms of infomercials) to get everything quick, 10min abs, 5min squats, etc etc. You are not gonna get the results if you just do that, now present day, we are seeing the influx of ‘healthy eating’ where a healthy meal plan must be paired with a workout routine.


However, we are still holding on to the ‘I want it now’ idea.
This made me really appreciate what Tom Duer said back in episode 7 where we said that you have to really enjoy the process, regarding your fitness journey.

Cheers for reading today’s blog. If you haven’t checked out Esik’s episode, click the link and also if you want to listen to the entire episode with Tom Duer click this link. Make sure you follow H&C on Instagram and subscribe to the show via your favorite podcast app.

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