Chasing Dreams & Smashing Goals | #113 – Kayla Hracho – MMA Athlete | Post Podcast Thoughts

This episode was one of those rare moments where I didn’t plan any questions or key points. I was excited to catch up with the Strawweight champion for the second time.

If you haven’t checked out Monday’s show you totally should click the link and start listening.

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Throughout the show, I couldn’t help but think to myself how proud I am of her and her accomplishments. If you don’t know her backstory. In a nutshell – She was discovered via Instagram by one of the top trainers in the MMA scene Mr. Din Thomas at American Top Team. The video shows Kayla showing lightning speed on the pads as she at the time was a boxer. Din commented on her video, and before ya know it. She packed up her life and moved to Coconut Creek, FL


No funds, No idea what the future would hold for her – But, just laid a path and went for it. I always admire anyone who just follows their passions. Opportunities are rare and hen they come along. You have to take it.

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