Creating Opportunities | #114 – Dion Sekone-Fraser

I never know the accomplishments I’ve done with the podcast until I really sit down and look at the past 4/5 years. I firmly believe that you can create your own opportunity in a field you are passionate about – the key always is, the willingness to learn and the patience for feedback.

This is when people say ‘I always take feedback. But……’ or ‘I’m always learning. But,……’
Most people come up with why they aren’t growing, or why they aren’t as successful as the next person. My theory has always been, and I actually learned this from my Wife and put my own spin on it is.
‘The more you worried. The more energy you have wasted thinking about things you can’t control’

Coming back to the overarching word being ‘Opportunity’ it’s always up to me to filter information I need for now and information I need for growth.
Sometimes, it can get to a point where you almost need to work on listening skills, thinking of every conversation as a chance to see where that person is coming from.

Basically, just to be a human being.

Now, I’m not gonna bore you with my life story about where I came from, or how hard things were because we all have struggles and everyone has their own definition of the word. But, what I will tell you….
Everything I have learned and everything I have created was by simply listening, reading, Trial and Error.

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