Finding Appreciation in Complacency | #115 – Kellin Stein | Post Podcast Thoughts

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Since being in Austin, TX and being around the culture of fitness and great food that Austin has to offer. There does become a moment where the wonderment becomes your everyday routine.
Not really knowing how great you actually have it.
I like to believe that I have moments almost every day to take stock of my life up to this moment, and really understand how truly lucky I am.

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But, when my good friend and recent podcast guest Kellin Stein came to Austin, TX for the F1, it really put into perspective how complacent I became while living in Austin.
He showed genuine love for the city I currently live in and the life we were leading.
The crazy thing is, we didn’t really change anything. If anything – The only thing we really ramped up on was we ate out more often than usual.

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So, I almost took a step back and said to myself and Meghan later on – that we should be insanely lucky where we are, what we have, and the people we choose to let into our lives, and for me – to not let anything become “comfortable” or “another day”
I feel that if that becomes something more – then I’m not pushing to be different or try new things to keep that wonderment alive, fun and interesting.

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